The Jobstown House

Longevity is something which, unfortunately, a lot of businesses are unable to achieve, so it is truly a testament to the success of The Jobstown House in Tallaght that it has remained in businesses through three generations of family members. Opened in January of 1964, The Jobstown House was originally established as a farmers store and bar, serving hardware and animal feed as well as refreshing drinks. From 1970 onwards, the bar became more and more popular and, after the opening of a nearby supermarket, the decision was made to make the bar the sole function of the business. The bar has since twice changed hands between father and son and continues to serve the local community to this day.

The Vintage Room

The Jobstown House is constantly evolving; as of August 2019, they have undergone renovations and opened up their new Vintage Room, a beautifully decorated dining room in which you can enjoy food and drinks from their carefully curated gastro-food menu. Be sure to keep an eye out for the minor details – The Vintage Room features loads of interesting family memorabilia, some of which dates all the way back to the 1950s.

Refreshing Drinks, Mouth-Watering Food

In line with their recent renovations, The Jobstown House now have a brand menu food and drinks menu which has been carefully curated by their talented in-house team of bartenders and chefs. Food is served daily from 12 noon and specials are consistently updated which often keeps visitors coming back for more.
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Address The Jobstown House
Blessington Road
D24 XEY9
Telephone Numbers 086 604 2007