Top Tips For Healthier Hair – Crowning Glory

When it comes to hair we all know that the healthier it is, the better it looks. Hairdryers, straighteners and hair-dyes all wreak havoc with our lucious locks, and leave them looking dull, thin and breakable. But no matter how damaged your hair is there is always a solution.
Crowning Glory have shared their Top Tips for thick, shiny, beautiful hair that are easy to commit to and won’t break the bank.

Crowning Glory

Crowning Glory is a modern hair salon known for high hairdressing services and their friendly, welcoming nature. Their team of fully qualified hairdressers and stylists offer a comprehensive range of cutting, styling, and colouring services. Always up to the date with the latest trends, the Crowning Glory team know how to give you the princess hair of your dreams and offer their tips on how to protect your hair at home.

Treat Wet Hair With Respect

A surprising amount of damaged is caused when dealing with hair. Wet hair is extremely fragile and prone to breakage. Use a soft bristle brush when combing wet hair. You should also avoid brushing immediately after a shower, and towel dry your hair by patting gently beforehand.

Limit Your Conditioner

We all know that conditioner is vital for healthy hair. However, using it incorrectly is a big no-no. Do not use conditioner on your scalp – This only makes the top of your head oily. Instead, start conditioning about two inches down. Less is more when it comes to conditioner. Applying too much makes it difficult to tell if it’s completely washed out. Start with a smaller amount and then repeat the process if needed.

Avoid Tight Bobbins

Tying hair up tightly increases friction and contributes to damaged looking hair. When you do have to keep your hair tied back or off your face opt for scrunchies. The cloth fabric will protect your hair and leave it looking shiny and healthy once you take it down.

Cold Water Is Your Friend

Hot water opens the cuticles on your hair making it easier to shampoo away the dirt and oils that build up. In order to achieve healthy hair it is vital that these cuticles are closed after conditioning. Once you washed out your conditioner rinse your hair through with cold water and you’ll notice shinier hair almost immediately.

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