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Tyres are one of the most important elements of a car. Overall tyre condition contributes to both a car’s efficiency and safety.
We all know how important it is to maintain our engines. We make sure there’s enough oil in the car and have it changed regularly. We check the coolant and wiper fluid levels. We even have our cars serviced regularly to catch any hidden issues that may be hiding under the surface. But many of us forget, or neglect to check our tyres.

There are lots of factors that can contribute to the condition of your tyre; the design, driving habits, climate and road conditions to name a few. Driving for long on worn or damaged tyres can have drastic results. We’ve teamed up with Bantry Tyre Centre to share the signs that mean you need to change your tyres.

Bantry Tyre Centre

Established in 1975, Bantry Tyre Centre Ltd specialise in the supply, service and repair of tyres for all kinds of vehicles. Based in Cork, Bantry Tyre Centre provides clients with both tyre replacements and new tyres from a selection of brand names. Their expert team are fully trained and are able to offer you advice and support. Supplying tyres for all makes of cars, tractors, vans, and trucks, Bantry Tyre Centre guarantees to get your vehicle back on the road as quick as possible.

Bantry Tyre Centre know that tyre condition is of the upmost importance for vehicle safety. With they’re wealth of experience they have put together a list of the main reasons you should change your tyres.

A Puncture

Modern tyres are strong and can withstand most things. Punctures, however, can and still do happen. A puncture repair may keep you on the road for a little while, but a replacement is the best way to ensure longevity of your tyre and prevent a larger puncture or blow out. Never drive on a flat tyre.

Worn or Bald Tyres

The legal tread depth limit is 1.6 mm. If your tread rubber is below this limit then you are putting yourself and other road users at risk. You should check you tread depth regularly and replace your tyres as soon as you noticed balding or increased tyre wear.


There is no predictable timeline for the life of a tyre. Various driving factors will contribute to a tyres condition. However, tyres can aged even when not being used, or being used rarely. If you’re tyre begins showing signs of ageing you should have it replaced as soon as possible. A good rule of thumb is to have your tyres replaced every 5-10 years depending on their model and use.

Unusual Damage

Tyres can be seriously damaged in once off impacts like potholes, hitting kerbs, or driving over sharp object. While modern tyres are stronger than their older counterparts you should never take the risk. Have any incident checked out by a professional and have the tyres replaced if necessary.

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