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Everyone knows how important it is to keep your car running smoothly. Maintaining your car’s engine is essential for safe driving, and reduces the risk of breakdowns. Any good driver should have their car serviced at least once a year, change their oil frequently, keep their coolant and water topped up, and check their tyre pressure regularly. Doing so will ensure your car performs at maximum capacity while staying safe on the roads.

However, not everybody is aware of how bad or changing weather can affect a vehicle’s performance. We’ve teamed up with Harry Ely Garage Sales and Service to bring you the top tips to keeping your car running in any type of weather conditions.

Harry Ely Garage Sales and Service

For over 40 years Harry Ely Garage Sales and Service have been providing repairs, diagnostics and sale in Thurles, Co. Tipperary. With outstanding service and products they have become the one-stop shop for motorist looking for high quality service at a low cost. Their expert and experienced team of mechanics possess a thorough knowledge of the industry and undergo new training on a yearly basis. All work carried out by Harry Ely Garage is guaranteed to the highest standard and they aim to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. They use only the most modern equipment and are committed to delivering excellent car and customer service.

With their depth of knowledge Harry Ely Garage Sales and Service know how to keep your car safe and running throughout bad weather conditions. Bad weather can strike at any time of year in Ireland, so make sure your follow their tips and your car will drive smoothly all year round.

Tips for Driving in Bad Weather

When you live in a country that experiences all four seasons in a day it’s important to keep the following tips in mind for safe driving and top vehicle performance.

– Always check that your aircon system is working to prevent windows from fogging up.

– Regularly check tyre thread depth and condition.

– Make sure tyres are correctly inflated.

– Don’t use cruise control on slippery or wet roads.

– Keep your tank half full to avoid fuel line freeze.

– Avoid using your parking brake in snow or freezing conditions.

– Never warm up your car in an enclosed area.

– Keep an eye on your anti-freeze coolant

– And check that your window wipers are operational.

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