Easter Sunday is fast approaching and we know about some fun things to do for kids and adults together. These include some DIY games at home or events taking place around Ireland on the weekend of the 1st of April.

1. Join in an Easter Egg Hunt

There are a few Easter Egg hunts taking place on Easter weekend including Greenan Maze in Wicklow, Croke Park in Dublin and Lullymore Discovery Park in Kildare.

2. Create Your Own Hunt

Gather up friends and family in a garden, a house or even a local park or playground. Hide a range of plastic eggs (small or big) around the place, containing clues to the Easter basket which should contain some kind of chocolate egg surprise. Whoever reaches the basket first with the clues, wins. Or, simply hide chocolate eggs around the garden and provide baskets for the kids to collect them in.

3. Arts & Crafts

A long-running Easter game is the egg rolling competition, where children paint a hard-boiled egg in custom colours/design and then roll it down a hill in competition with each other. The egg that rolls the farthest wins the game. Another idea, play an egg and spoon race! Having an egg-customisation station is a fun idea for the younger kids, too. Provide pastel paints and some yellow feathers for a Springtime feel.

4. Easter Sunday Lunch

Round up the family for a big Sunday lunch. A lot of places across the country are offering special deals for the day. Or, fill up the picnic basket if it’s warm enough outside and have your own outing with family and friends.

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