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Accidents at work are an unfortunate occurrence, particularly in cases where you are not at fault. MyCase Solicitors, who specialise in personal injury cases, have provided us with the following recommended steps for those who are unfortunate enough to have become injured at work.

Seek Medical Attention

First and foremost, it is important that you receive treatment for your injuries, no matter how minor or severe they may be. Although your injuries and treatment should be documented by the hospital or GP surgery, be sure to request a complete medical record be kept as you may need this at a later stage if you choose to pursue a personal injury claim.

Record Everything

You should ask that an accident report form be filled out by your employer which you should then sign. MyCase Solicitors recommend checking this document thoroughly before signing, as you need to be certain that it accurately reflects the circumstances around your injury. You should also retain the contact details of any witnesses, in case you need them to make a statement. If there was CCTV present, request a copy of the footage.

Speak With A Solicitor

If you make the decision to pursue a personal injury claim, you should speak with a respectable solicitor, such as those at MyCase Solicitors, as they will be able to help you with the next steps and ensure you receive any compensation you are entitled to.
Visit the MyCase Solicitors website for more information on what to do when you have suffered a personal injury.

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