Windmill Stone

With spring in full swing, we are starting to see the last remnants of winter melt away. The rain is getting lighter and less frequent, the cold is giving way to a pleasant warmth and our gardens are starting to bloom again. However, after a long winter of neglect, even the most diligent of horticulturist’s little patch of green may be looking a little ragged and worse for wear.
Weed growth, soil stained decorative stone, and hedges and shrubs in desperate need of a leaf trim can undermine the beauty of even the best garden.
So what is the intrepid gardener and sun worshipper to do when their garden is showing the signs of months of neglect? Well before you roll up your selves and pull on your gardening gloves, pay a visit to Windmill Stone.

Windmill Stone

Windmill Stone is one of Ireland’s and the United Kingdom’s most popular providers of quality decorative stone and garden products. Their collection of elegant and competitively priced stone is available to landscapers, interior designers and of course to private homeowners.
Along with stone they also provide a range of garden products including nutrient-dense topsoil and bark mulch.

Getting your Garden Summer Ready

Windmill Stone’s comprehensive range of carefully curated garden products, means they’ll have the right product for the needs of even the most eclectic of gardens. From the garden enthusiast determined to grow their own vegetables. To the green-thumbed flower grower committed to spending the summer enveloped in the sweet scent of roses and lilies, Windmill Stone can provide the right soil and decorative garden elements.
So if you are determined to spend as much time as possible enjoying the sun in your garden this summer, make sure your garden is in tip-top shape. For all your garden needs, visit Windmill Stone today.

Address Naas Rd, Windmillhill, Rathcoole, Dublin
Telephone Numbers 01 4011584