Artisan Glass Studio

Where once stained glass was exclusively found in churches and ecclesiastic buildings, the flexibility, malleability and limitless potential of stained glass have made it a chic and very 21st-century decorative choice for homes and businesses.
Modern stained glasses can be manufactured in just about any colour, making it a natural fit for nightclubs, pubs and restaurants. Delicatessen and eateries countrywide have also embraced the potential of stained glass.
By commissioning customised pieces, businesses can draw attention to — and celebrate — their company’s branding and identity.
Of course, a stained glass piece is only as good as its craftsmen, as such it’s important that a homeowner or a business contacts the right stained glass company.
For all your stained glass needs, here at the Golden Pages blog we highly recommend Artisan Glass Studio.

Artisan Glass Studio

Artisan Glass Studio is a Dublin based stained glass company that offer a suite of services including the design, manufacture and installation of elegant and beautiful stained glass pieces.
With decades of stained glass experience, they have become one of Dublin’s most respected and prestigious stained glass companies. With an emphasis on customer service, which prioritises working alongside a client to bring their vision to life, Artisan Glass Studio has created some truly stunning statement pieces for homes, businesses and public buildings. To top it off, their quality services are available at extremely competitive rates.

Domestic Stained Glass

Artisan Stained Glass has been offering clients in Dublin domestic stained glass window design and installation for decades. Their range includes adding fanlights to classic Dublin buildings and repairing and replacing old or damaged stained glass.
These new pieces at once celebrate the heritage of stained glass while creating a timeless piece that elevates and enhances a modern home’s interior décor.

Commercial Stained Glass

As a professional stained glass studio, Artisan Stained Glass regularly create unique pieces for all kinds of industries. From brand-compliant commercial stained glass pieces in nightclubs and pubs to commissioned stained glass pieces in public buildings, Artisan Glass Studio remain the leaders in the Dublin stained glass industry.

Thinking of adding a hint of elegance and style to your home or business or do you have a stained glass feature that needs to be repaired or restored?
For all these requirements and more, get in contact with [company_name] today, Dublin’s stained glass experts.

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