The Difference between a Podiatrist and a Chiropodist -- Podi Footcare

If you have ever had a problem with your feet that required the expertise of a foot doctor you have likely been confronted with a conundrum. Do you schedule a consultation with a podiatrist or a chiropodist?
Are a podiatrist and a chiropodist the same thing?
Despite having two distinct titles podiatrists and chiropodists are indeed the same thing.
A podiatrist and a chiropodist have the same skills and qualifications and they concentrate on treating various foot and lower limb conditions.
The confusion regarding the terminology goes back to 1993 when podiatry was the new name given to chiropody. Since then, both terms have been used interchangeably to describe foot doctors.
Now that the terminology is cleared up, you are likely left with another question.
Why do I need a specialist foot doctor?
We’ve teamed up with Podi Footcare, to give a brief overview of the kind of conditions a Podiatrist/chiropodist treats.

Podi Footcare

Podi Footcare is a Mayo Podiatrist clinic that specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of a range of lower limb conditions.
Operating from a custom-built podiatry clinic, Podi Footcare oversees everything from the continuing treatment of lower limb conditions — caused or exacerbated by diabetes — to bunion and hard skin removal.
Podi Footcare’s premium podiatry service has made them one of Mayo’s most respected chiropody clinics.

Lower Limb Conditions

Podi Footcare treats a range of lower limb conditions including:

– Fungal Nails
Fungal infections can result in skin discolouration and the hardening of nails, along with significant discomfort for the patient. Podi Footcare’s specialist team diagnosis and can offer a full range of treatment options.

Diabetic Foot Health
Diabetes is one of Ireland’s largest growing health conditions. If not properly managed, diabetes can cause serious harm to a person’s lower limbs. In extreme cases, this can even lead to amputations. Podi Footcare ensures that the diabetic foot is monitored and kept healthy by managing the symptoms and complications of the condition.

– Biomechanical Assessment
Podi Footcare uses the very latest technology to access a person’s biomechanical health. Issues like back and hip pain may be attributed to issues with flexibility, quality of motion and range of motion. Podi Footcare’s team diagnosis problems and formulate appropriate treatment plans.

Mayo Podiatrists

The above only represents a small portion of the various treatments offered by Podi Footcare. If you require more information on the medical services or require a Podiatrist in Mayo, then get in contact with their clinic today.

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