Can anyone paint a wall? Many gung-ho homeowners certainly think so. However, the inherent craft in proper wall interior and exterior painting only really becomes apparent after a disastrous foray into DIY home decoration. A room’s aesthetic can be spoiled by careless paint drips on skirting boards and paint streaks on light switches.
Professional decorators and painters certainly make it look easy, but underneath this apparent ease is expertise only earned after years of experience. Few companies understand this better than Hayden Painting.

Hayden Painting


Hayden Painting can boast extensive experience in painting and decorating. With a history that stretches back over 3 decades, the company is currently run by the second generation of the Hayden family.
“The key to a quality finish is the thorough prep of a surface area before the painting begins.” Says Joe Hayden, the current SEO of Hayden painting, who took the reins of the business after his father, Joseph Hayden, retired.
“This prep ensures that the paint’s colour really pops and it guarantees the longevity of the job.” Joe continues speaking with the quiet confidence of a master craftsman.

The Craft of Painting and Decorating


It’s these essential touches that the thousands of do-it-yourself YouTube tutorials neglect to mention. Hayden Painting understands that painting is a craft that requires patience, practice and most importantly, experience. A finished job from Hayden Painting really illustrates the absolute gulf between an amateur job and a professional job.
Hayden Painting are completely comfortable working with luxurious paint such as Farrow And Ball and Little Greene. They’re committed to their craft and their professional surface prepping procedures means they only produce the absolute best results, notable for their longevity.

Professional Decorating

This emphasis on quality craftsmanship extends to Hayden Painting’s decorating service. With over 30 years working within the industry, they’ve amassed extensive experience in hanging all types of wallpaper from the traditional woven varieties to more modern non-woven wallpaper.
This willingness to adapt to the emerging trends in the painting and decorating industry is the secret to Hayden painting’s longevity, but the secret to their success is in their time-tested approach to appreciating the craft and skill that goes into interior and exterior painting; a skill that simply can’t be replicated by even the most fervent DIY enthusiast.

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