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What do taxi’s and a guard have in common? They’re never around when you need them. So many nights out can be ruined when you’re forced to hang around a town centre waiting for a taxi. It’s easy to get complacent when walking past a fully stocked taxi rank before you get to the restaurant, However, how often does it happen that the same taxi rank is completely deserted when you actually need to get home. To combat this common occurrence of being stuck for a left home, Call A Cab – a local Kilkenny based taxi service – is available all across Kilkenny town.

Call A Cab

Call a Cab are the perfect company to call after a night out

Call a Cab works so well as a night out taxi service because they’re available right up to 3:00 AM from Friday to Saturday. Their cabs are clean modern and are fully air conditioned.
Call a Cab doesn’t just service nights out. Their service extends to corporate clients who need a dedicated transport service during a corporate seminar weekend or indeed a special office event. Call a Cab’s reputation for reliability and efficiency makes them the perfect taxi service for the business community.

Airport transport


Airport transport can be a source of untold stress due to ever tightening rules and regulations. Nervous fliers may find their time in an airport particularly unpleasant as the thought of a flight can loom heavily in their minds. Whether else stresses you in the airport, Call A Cab can ensure that your transport to and from the airport is completely stress-free. Their dedicated airport transport service means they get clients to their terminal in good time for even the earliest of flights.
Their service is also available for airport pickups. Save yourself the frustration of train and bus schedules and have Call a Cab whisk you from the airport back home in comfort and in confidence.

Don’t let subpar transport options spoil your holiday or night out, get in contact with Call a Cab today.

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