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A motif thrown around a lot these days is: “They don’t make them like that anymore.” It’s used for just about everything from fridges to television screens.
In regards to home products, it’s not just the rose tint of nostalgia talking; there’s good reason to admire the engineering and manufacturing practices of the past.
We live in an age where products are built to fail. Software updates are coded to immediately make older computers incompatible and thus obsolete. Printers have become infamous for ‘planned obsolescence’. Many printers have inbuilt kill chips that disable the printer after a certain amount of prints.
Generally speaking, research points to an ever shorting lifespan of consumer products.
However, when someone informs you that “Don’t make them like that anymore,” they’re usually not talking about home products, they’re talking about classic cars.

Henry Cole Classic Cars Storage


Unlike their home product counterparts, when not stored and maintained properly, classic cars can begin to degrade. That’s why a dedicated car storage facility like Henry Cole Classic Car Storage is so important.
Part of the inherent personality of so many classic cars is the interior wood trim. Unfortunately, due to sudden temperature fluctuations and moisture present in the air, interior wood trim can contract and expand. This puts unwanted strain on a car’s structure and – worst case scenario for a classic car owner – damages the car’s aesthetic and shortens the vehicle’s lifespan.
Due to this, Henry Cole Classic Car Storage offers clients a dehumidified environment for classic cars. This controlled atmosphere means that classic cars are stored in the absolute optimum of environments.

The Perfect Class Car Storage Environment.

Beautiful example of a classic car

Henry Cole Classic Cars Storage always keeps classic cars separated to avoid even the possibility of a scratch on the paintwork. The company understands customer’s affection for their classic cars and thus treats them with the uppermost care.
Classic Cars aren’t like your Grandmother’s fridge – that’s been running without a hiccup for the past 70 years. These vehicles need to be stored in a dedicated classic car storage area, to keep them in optimum car show condition.
Why not take advantage of Henry Cole Classic Car Storage, one of Ireland’s premier classic car storage facilities.

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