What has made wood so durable? It’s an interesting question when you give it even the most cursory thought. As a building material, it’s been used by ancient civilisations for thousands of years. Even in the modern age, with so many synthetic building materials available, wood still retains its place as the go-to material for homes and businesses. When you look at a beautiful wooden floor – like those installed by Judge Carpentry – you get a sense as to why wood is still so popular. A professionally installed, wooden floor, door or staircase, always graces a property’s interior with an air of timeless elegance.
The natural grain of a tree gives all finished wood a rich, completely unique design. The subtlety of wood grain and the stylish dissolving of colour tone installs within a property’s interior an unrivalled finish, that can’t be emulated by any synthetic material.

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Few companies understand the intricacies of carpentry as a craft quite like Judge Carpentry. The company is a true family dynasty and is currently in its second generation. Their long, illustrious history makes them experts in all aspects of carpentry and this expertise extends to the installing of all kinds of timber floors. From completely solid wood flooring to laminate flooring, the company makes available their highly skilled craftsmen to offer their expert advice on the right flooring option for any kind of property.

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With the company well into its second generation, there isn’t a carpentry job the company can’t complete. Whether it’s structural 1st fix carpentry or achieving the elegant finish required by 2nd fix carpentry, Judge Carpentry have the experience and expertise to complete any job to the highest of professional standards.
Sure synthetic building materials have their place in the world but they’ll never replace the luxury and old-world class that can only be achieved with wood.

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