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Modern cars for all their modern conveniences have lost something. As the car manufacturers rush to stuff as many features under the hood as possible they’ve left out something important. Some would even say, that they left out an essential element of an automobile. Modern cars aren’t cool. Sure modern cars are safer, more reliable and more environmentally friendly and all of these features are what’s really important. But when compared with their classic counterparts, cars just aren’t cool anymore. Yes, that vague, indefinable description of “cool” is reserved for Mustangs and the Camaros of the 60s. Something about that sleek, angular design not only survives the test of time but seems to get even more appealing with every passing year; especially when compared with the overly curved, bubble-like design of the modern car.

AAA Customs


But let’s get something straight, a vintage car is only as cool as the quality of its maintenance. Even James Bond might choose a Vauxhall Corsa over a vintage Aston Martin DB5, if said DB5 looks more at home in a scrap yard than the open road. That’s where AAA Customs comes in. This crash repair and vintage car restoration service has been returning vintage cars to their former glory for the past two years. Their Dublin 12 based garage boasts two Blowtherm spray booths allowing them to repair paint jobs and body works quickly and efficiently.

Retaining that Classic Cool


An upgraded, or god forbid, updated vintage car is a ruined vintage car. Any classic car enthusiast will tell you that restoration, is just that, it’s about restoring a car so it looks like it’s fresh off a 1964 assembly line. AAA Customs achieves this by making sure they match the vehicles original colour exactly. They don’t just stop at the exterior. AAA Customs goes under the hood and replaces worn parts with appropriate replacements. The company goes that extra mile in sourcing just the right parts for your vintage car’s make and model. AAA Customs also reupholsters car seats using the original fabric type of the vehicle.

As a county of motorists we can’t and quite frankly don’t want to, go backwards in car design. We want to do the school run or the daily commute in the comfort and safety of a modern car. But every so often, we want to reignite that old-school passion for motoring. And that’s only possible in a properly restored vintage car. Restored by a company like AAA Customs, that understands the quiet cool of old, vintage cars.

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