Transparency and the building industry haven’t always seen eye to eye. While most people who need building work done are eager to get a price from the outset most builders are reluctant to quote an exact number; which is understandable. Changes, delays and complications are almost inevitable during a complex build and as such prices and timetables can fluctuate. Also if Room to Improve’s Dermot Bannon has taught us anything it’s that a flamboyant architect can always cause unforeseen headaches.

If you’re thinking of building a house and the last paragraph made you break out in a cold sweat, you’re not alone. So many potential homeowners that intend to build just want a house, without the stress of sifting through needless complications imposed by architects and the aversion attitude of some builders. It’s for this very reason that Peter Walsh Construction Galway Ltd. has been flourishing for the past 60 years.

Peter Walsh Construction Galway Ltd


What makes Peter Walsh Construction so unique is their package system. Instead of offering free quotes and estimates, Peter Walsh Construction actually offers clients 4 different options for builds. Each option is given a set price along with a list of features. Clients select the option that’s right for them and the build begins. This convenient system is almost revolutionary in its elegant simplicity.
There are no awkward negations with builders, electricians or plumbers. No jostling with architects. And most importantly no nasty financial surprises at the builds end.
Anyone who has had a home built will tell you that going over budget is almost inevitable and no matter how penny pitching and frugal you are in regards to the build you’ll most certainly have to pay more than you originally intended.
This isn’t the case with Peter Walsh Construction. Thanks to their unique standardised pricing structure, clients know exactly what they’ll be paying for the outset.

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Along with offering standardised pricing, Peter Walsh Construction is able to give customers their energy rating before the home is completed. All Peter Walsh Construction buildings have an A3 energy rating, making them in the top 5 of most energy efficient buildings available.
Save yourself the hassle of a new build and have your home constructed the convenient way with Peter Walsh Construction.

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