Nobody likes going to the dentist. However, some people find it harder than others.
As many as 1 in 10 adults have a fear of the dentist. This fear can be so acute that individuals with a dental phobia will avoid visiting the dentist for even the most routine of procedures.

While not all of us suffer from a dental phobia, most of us can agree that visiting a dental surgery can oftentimes be a frustrating experience. An experience that we often put off for as long as possible.

Going to the dentist doesn’t have to be a frustrating or terrifying experience.

The dental team at Portlaoise Dental are committed to providing all their patients with the most comfortable and relaxing dental experience possible.

From their state of the art Dental Clinic, Portlaoise dental provides a full suite of aesthetic and medical dental procedures.

Portlaoise Dental

As a 5 star clinic, Portlaoise Dental is dedicated to proving the best dental care possible. They prioritise comfort, friendliness and professionalism. Founded in 2010 by the husband and wife team of Dr David Cosgrove and Dr Karen Cosgrove, Portlaoise Dental is a general dental practice that has built up a solid reputation for being a dependable family-run and family-friendly dental clinic.


Dental procedures, like a scale and polish, are not only necessary to maintain a beautiful smile, they are also an essential element of oral health and may require local anaesthetic.
For individuals with a needle phobia, the thought of an anaesthetic injection can be extremely distressing.
In cases where a needle phobia is particularly acute, Portlaoise Dental can provide local anaesthetic gel. This gel is a safe and effective alternative to anaesthetic injections.
If you have a fear of needles, book a consultation with Portlaoise Dental.

Child’s Exam

For that first dental visit, it’s imperative that children have a positive experience. The experts at Portlaoise Dental, make every effort possible to help even the most nervous child feel comfortable and happy.

So from the busy to the nervous, Portlaoise Dental has successfully created an environment that helps streamline the dentist visiting experience. They are available for appointments and welcome new patients.

Address 28 Church Street
Portlaoise, County Laois
Telephone Numbers 0578621832