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As much as us Irish love to complain about the weather we actually don’t have it all that bad. If we look across the pond at America and the terrible weather they are subjected to then we really should be thankful for our mild climate. From hurricanes to wildfire causing heatwaves, the States always seem to be in some sort of weather crisis. One thing every American business is prepared for is lightning strikes, something we have not done in Ireland.

As climate change gets worse, our mild weather is no longer a given, which is evident in the recent barrage of storms we’ve had in the last 3 years. So it is important that Irish businesses begin to protect the premises against all kinds of weather attacks. Direct Strike has shared with us the reasons why you need to protect your business from a lightning strike.

Direct Strike

Direct Strike is one of Ireland’s leading lightning protection companies specialising in the design, supply, installation of lightning protection and earthing systems. They also offer comprehensive maintenance, repair and testing services. Their high quality service is backed up by over 50 years of experience in the lightning protection industry. Direct Strike operates throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe and delivers highly effective earthing and lightning protection solutions at the most competitive prices.

As professional contractors, Direct Strike is able to supply and fit the lightning protection equipment that you need to protect your premises. Their products are sourced from trusted suppliers in order to guarantee their quality. Direct Strike can supply and install earthing systems, surge protection and full lightning protection for all types of properties including educational establishments, industrial premises, retail parks, Pharmaceutical Plants, Data Centres and Substations.

Lightning Protection

Lightning protection systems are crucial to preventing damage to a property and business during severe storms which can produce high intensity lightning strikes. Direct Strike designs, installs and maintains high-quality lightning protection systems which will deliver protection against even the highest of voltage currents. Lightning strikes can be as powerful as 1,000,000,000 amps. Through careful planning, Direct Strike’s systems provide the path of least resistance to the ground, at which point the energy from the lightning strike is safely dissipated.

A correctly designed and installed lightning protection system is essential for the preservation of the building, its contents and, most importantly, the personnel within them.

Surge Protection

Direct and indirect lightning strikes on a property can cause a surge in electrical power which can be extremely damaging to the structure. This power surge can have a devastating effect on electrical equipment located anywhere inside the building. Considerable damage will not only be caused to your business premises but also to your time and resources and will require costly repairs. Direct Strike will design and install a sophisticated surge protection system which will prevent all power surges from damaging your premises.

Direct Strike creates bespoke, highly effective lightning and surge protection systems designed to completely protect your property, electrical equipment and business.


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