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It always starts the same way. At first, you notice that the water in your drain isn’t being sucked down into the gutter as quickly as before. Then, a strange, stagnant smell starts to haunt your kitchen or toilet and after investigating, you realise the smell is coming from the drain.
You ignore it, confident that eventually, the drain will magically fix itself. And of course, it doesn’t. Eventually, your slow draining drain has turned into a no draining drain and you are stuck with a sink filled with murky water or a shower that turns into a bath if you stay in too long.
A blocked drain in Dublin doesn’t have to cause such a headache. We’ve teamed up with All Clear Drains — the Dublin drain unblocking experts – to give homeowners a few tips on how to unblock a problem drain.

All Clear Drains

All Clear Drains are an emergency 24-hour drain unblocking and drain cleaning service. With multiple drain unblocking vans on Dublin roads, they pride themselves on being able to respond to drain emergencies as quickly as possible.
Their team of drain unblocking experts specialise in a range of drain cleaning disciplines, including drain cleaning, toilet unblocking, CCTV drain surveys and a full suite of emergency plumbing services.

Natural Drain Unblocking Solutions

Now, as All Clear Drains will tell you, not all blocked drains require the services of drain unblocking experts. Sometimes, a few simple steps using little more than ordinary household items can help clear a blockage.

An effective and natural drain unblocking strategy involves pouring 1 cup of baking soda into a blocked, dry drain. The baking soda should be followed with two cups of boiling water poured directly into the blocked drain.

More boiling water should be used if more than one cup of baking soda was necessary. A good rule of thumb is to use two cups of boiling water for every one cup of baking soda.

After pouring the boiling water into the drain, wait several minutes, before adding another cup of baking soda and one plain cup of white vinegar.

Plug the drain. Don’t worry if you hear a sizzling noise and see bubbles. Trust us it’s a good sign. Once all the bubbles disappear add another two cups of boiling water to rinse the drain.

This is an effective solution for clearing blocked drains but is also an easy to implement drain cleaning measure. We recommend repeating the above steps once every month, to help prevent blockages.

Unlocking a Drain using Chemical Cleaners

If the above natural remedy only leaves you with a blocked drain that now smells faintly of a chip shop, it may be time to bring in some harsher chemicals.

There is a glut of drain and pipe unblocking chemicals available on the market including the popular Mr Muscle Sink Unblocker and Domestos Sink and Pipe Unblocker. Both of these products are available from all major supermarkets.

Chemical cleaners like those referenced above have been designed to dissolve grease and grime build-ups. They are also formulated with chemicals that help eliminate the nasty, stagnant odours that blocked drains emit.

For best results and for overall safety reasons, the instructions on these drain unblocking chemicals should be followed to the letter.

Bath Drain Unblocking

This simple and surprisingly effective method of eliminating a blockage involves mixing up some baking soda, vinegar with boiling water and pouring this solution into the clogged drain.

Place the stopper on the drain and fill the bath. Wait for about 45 minutes, before removing the stopper.
The vinegar and baking soda solution combined with the 40 to 60 gallons of water pressure should be enough to clear just about any blocked bath drain.

My Drain is still blocked

If the above suggestions haven’t helped unblock your drains, it’s time to give All Clear Drains a call. All Clear Drains are available all over Dublin. Their mobile drain unlocking units are fully fitted with the very latest drain unblocking technology which ensures a fast and effective solution to even the most serious of blocked drain issues.

From blocked toilets to blocked sinks, to damaged plumbing, All Clear Drains provides one of the fastest, cleanest and most effective drain unblocking services in Dublin.

Know of any drain unblocking tips we may have missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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