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Adam's Cleaning LogoHave you ever wondered how much a clean office effects productivity? The average adult spends more of their waking hours in the office than at home.
From a psychological point of view, it’s easy to imagine that a clean office will give an employee a little bit of a boost when compared to spending their time in a dusty, cluttered office space.
Hygiene is always a factor when gauging employee productivity. An average office employee will miss nine days a year due to illness. Places like the office canteen, chairs, desks and even printers and copiers can be breeding grounds for bacteria.
It is said that a computer keyboard can house a staggering 7,500 bacteria at any one time. Viruses like the debilitating flu – one of the major reasons for employee sick days – can survive for up to 24 hours on a wooden office desk.
The experts at Adam’s Cleaning firmly believe that to ensure a happy, healthy employee, a clean office is essential.

Adam’s Cleaning Service

Adam’s Cleaning Service provides office owners with a contractual office cleaning service.
What makes Adam’s Cleaning service different is that they target major areas where bacteria and viruses can flourish. They target anywhere that food is prepared and also clean and completely disinfect toilets. Their service also covers all the standard office cleaning requirements like table top cleaning, carpet vacuuming, floor cleaning and bin removal.

The Best in Office Cleaning

With a large team of highly trained cleaning experts at Adam’s Cleaning Service’s disposal, they provide an efficient, comprehensive and cost-effective cleaning service that leaves offices clean and hygienic. This cleanliness is sure to give both employees and any potential visiting clients a great impression of an office. Whatever else may effect an employee’s productivity, with Adams Cleaning; it certainly won’t be a messy office space.

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