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alen denny serviceslogoA property can only be as clean as its cleaning supplies. It sounds obvious, doesn’t it?
Why then, do so many commercial premises seem to supply their cleaning staff with little more than an ancient rag, an unlabelled spray bottle of blue liquid and a mop bucket that may have – at some point in history – been yellow.
Even prestigious, customer-focused businesses like cocktail bars and hotels seem to fall into this trap. Genuine brass hand railings tend to lose their wow factor when they’re streaked and scuffed.
Cocktail bars that insist on using genuine fruit juice instead of cordials, will still leave a bad taste in a customer’s mouth if selves are dusty and the floor is sticky with the residue of last night’s genuine fruit juice spill.
A cleaner left with substandard cleaning equipment is about as effective as a dentist with a toothpick. This is why Alan Denny Services offers commercial clients the best in competitively priced cleaning equipment.

Alan Denny Services

“Business owners understandably neglect to order decent cleaning equipment until they see that negative Trip Advisor review,” says Alan Denny, the founder and CEO of Alan Denny Services.
“New businesses are often so distracted with the excitement of starting up, that they neglect to order or reorder the right kind of hygiene supplies.”
Alan Denny Services has been specialising in supplying the right kind of cleaning supplies for the past three decades. The company stocks a range of window cleaners, stain removers, polishes and potions for just about any material or fabric. Best of all, Alan Denny Services takes the time to discuss with clients what their cleaning requirements actually are and can recommend the right product for them.

Cleaning Hardware

Along with your typical cleaning products, Alan Denny Services is one of the few Irish companies that offers a scrubber dryer repair and maintenance service.
For the layman, scrubber dryers are those floor cleaning machines that you see being pushed or drove over the floor of shopping centres and other large commercial buildings.
With regular services by a professional company like Alen Denny Services, these expensive machines can be kept in optimum condition for years.

For All Your Cleaning Services

With a cleaning supply delivery service with the experience and expertise of Alan Denny Services at a business’s disposal, there is no excuse for having anything less than a spotlessly clean premise. For advice on the right cleaning products for your business, get in contact with Alan Denny Services today.

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