Compassion during a Difficult Time

It’s something that no one likes to think about, but at some point in our lives we will have to plan a funeral. When a loved one dies the last thing you want to be doing is organising funeral services but unfortunately it cannot be avoided.
There are many things to consider when planning funerals; communicating with a hospital or nursing home, arranging for care and transport of the body, the embalming process, making arrangement with church, cemetery or crematorium, the flowers, possibly repatriation, and the detail at the end of it all, the cost. These decisions are made all the more difficult by grief. Fortunately, there are people out there who can help ease the burden of it all, if not the grief.

Hyland Funeral Directors

Hyland Funeral Directors offer a 24/7 funeral service in Kildare town and surrounding areas. They guarantee the very highest standard of care and guidance in helping you through the loss of a loved one. Hyland Funeral director know that bereavements can happen at any time and operate a 24 hour 365 day year service.
All services are carried out in a respectful, compassionate and understanding manner and will do the utmost to provide a caring service during this trying and upsetting time. They can arrange to meet you either at their office or in your home – whichever is more convenient for you. Hyland Funeral Services will communicate directly, on your, behalf, with all those involved in offering the many elements of the chosen funeral arrangements.

Advice and Support

Hyland Funeral Directors offer more than just funeral services. They can also advise you on the many additional aspects of funerals. Hyland Funeral Directors are here to support you decisions and answer any queries or questions you might have about the process. They can advise on content and arranging publication of announcements, advise on flower arrangements grave markings and mass card, assist the obtaining of necessary documents such as a Death certificate, providing or arranging transport and arranging settlement of third party fees.
You can be sure that Hyland Funeral Directors will do everything in their power to oversee and organise the funeral that is right for you, and your loved one.

Address Main Street, Monasterevin, Kildare
Telephone Numbers 041 521 451