The Benefits of Playing Outside – Square One Crèche and Preschool

We all have fond memories of playing outside a child. Come rain or shine you and your friends would be outside riding bikes, rolling around in the grass or jumping up and down in muddy puddles.
Well it turns out that we time spent grazing knees and catching colds was actually beneficial to our development and learning. Indoor play and technology usage, such as tablets are much more popular with children of today and they don’t spend nearly as much time playing outside as their parents once did. Not only could this be having an effect on their development but it also robs children of precious memories they can cherish in the years to come.
Square One Crèche and Preschool have shared with us the importance of letting your child play outside.

Square One Crèche and Preschool

Square One Creche and PreSchool has been providing childcare in Kilkenny for over 20 years. They aim to provide a happy, homely environment in their premises, furniture, play areas and staff. Their qualified and highly trained staff are experts in early education child care. They know how important play time, and specifically outdoor play time, is to your child’s learning and development.
The numerous benefits of playing outside should encourage you to get your little ones off the sofa and out into the fresh air.

Health and Well-being

Children are more active when they’re outside. Running, humping, skating, swinging lets children use their whole bodies when playing. As a result children burn off calories and extra energy, and increase their fitness levels. Exposure to the sun increases their vitamin D levels, which has been proven to improve moods and mental attitudes as well as bone strength.

Creativity and Independence

Imaginations are free to run wild in outdoor play. Fresh air and sunshine combined with new objects and extra room along with to play stimulates your child’s imagination and creativity. Children often have less supervision when playing outside. This too can help your child’s creativity as they are free to come up with their own ideas and games. This also encourages independence and furthers social skills, such as taking turns and making friends, when interacting and playing with other children.


Playing outside dramatically develops a child’s learning abilities. It is a fun way for children to process and learn new information, develop skills like risk assessment and problem solving, and improve physical abilities. Outside play promotes the idea of a healthy lifestyle and increases awareness of nature and the environment.

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