Modern day plumbing means that we no longer need to rely on fireplaces, hot water bottles and good old immersions to keep us warm and toasty in our homes. Gas Boilers and Central Heating Systems have made it easier than ever to combat our famous Irish Winters. But when something goes wrong, and the cold starts creeping back in, it can be hard to tell what the problem is.
We’ve teamed up with Rapid Plumb – one of Dublin’s most prominent plumbing services – to bring you the most common heating problems and how they can be fixed.

Rapid Plumb

Rapid Plumb provides clients all over Dublin with highly experienced, fast, and reliable plumbing services. With over 16 years of professional experience, Rapid Plumb have established themselves as one of Dublin’s go to plumbing services – whether it’s for general plumbing, bathroom renovations or central heating.
As such, Rapid Plumb have faced pretty much every heating problem there is. Here we discuss the four most common heating problems they’ve come across and how you can take your house from the Antarctic to the Caribbean.

Radiators Not Heating Up

If this problem is isolated to one particular radiator then trapped air is affecting radiator performance. This can be easily rectified by bleeding the radiator. For maximum impact, make sure to bleed all radiators in the house.
If every radiator is cold then you could have a problem with the central heating system as a whole and you’ll need to call in the professionals to get the hot water flowing again.

Upstairs Radiators Are Hot but Downstairs Radiators Are Cold

If only certain parts of your house are heating it’s more than likely there’s a problem with one of the zone valves, or in other words the actuator head. One of these valves could be jammed in the closed position. In this case the valve can be replaced.

Cold Patches On Radiator

Limescale, rust and sludge can build up within central heating systems and can result in cold patches on the bottom of radiators. This build up impacts the flow of the water within the radiator leading to cold patches and reduced performance.
It’s time to call the professionals as Power flushing is the most effective way to remove these blockages and prevent them from recurring.

Thermostatic Radiator Valve Aren’t Working

Many modern homes have TRV, or Thermostatic Radiator Valves, as part of their central heating system, and allow one room to be hotter or cooler than another. These can sometimes get jammed in the closed position preventing the flow of water to the radiator. These TRV Can be either repaired or replaced.

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