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a gilligan builders logoIn Ireland, especially around the Dublin area, burglaries are on the rise. Perhaps more than ever before, our homes are filled with electronic devices that are small, light, portable and expensive. Items like smartphones, tablets and even desktop computers can be easily stolen from a home and resold for an easy profit.
Sophisticated alarm systems certainly have their place but with how small electronics have become, even if the Garda are alerted, criminals are still likely to get away with small portable devices before a squad car has time to respond.
What a home really needs is high-performance security door to stop the criminal gaining entry in the first place. These kinds of doors are what A Gilligan Builders specialise in providing.

A Gilligan Builders

A Gilligan Builders has been providing clients with the very best building renovations for the past few decades. They specialise in providing low cost, high-quality porches to properties in the Dublin area. Not only do their professional team seamlessly integrate the new porch with the existing aesthetic of the property, they also take the opportunity to upgrade the security of the home.

Security Upgrades

Domestic properties in Dublin are ageing. As such, lots of homes are equipped with out of date doors that aren’t fitted with the sophisticated locking systems and sturdy aluminium infused interior of modern composite doors. As such a criminal could break through these older doors with relative ease.
Working with their sister company – Doors and Windows Repair – A Gilligan Builders can install heavy-duty composite doors on any property. These doors are the absolute last word in home security.
Their sophisticated multi-point locking system and their aluminium reinforced internal build, makes them near impregnable to even the most motivated of burglar.
The practical-minded build of composite doors doesn’t mean that they compromise on style. A Gilligan Builders provides clients with a range of colours and finishes that can give a client’s newly created porch that final flourish of style and sophistication.

A Gilligan Builders can offer clients the opportunity to protect their home whilst not compromising the unique aesthetic of the building. For information on porch extension quotes and composite door installations, get in contact with A Gilligan Builders today.

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