It is not often that you will find such an extensive range of historical artefacts as is on display at Cashel Folk Village. The museum, located on Dominic Street in Cashel, serves as an informative journey through some of the defining moments in Irish history, most notably the Famine period and the Easter Rising/War of Independence. Continuously ranked amongst the country’s top tourist attractions, this multi-award winning establishment delivers a breathtaking and informative look into moments which shaped the nation and is a must-see educational experience for tourists, schools, etc.

Moments That Shaped A Nation

Cashel Folk Village is comprised of numerous exhibitions which lead you through periods in Irish history which had a profound effect on the formation and development of the country. The museum features original artefacts which have been carefully preserved, these include the Original Statue of Sean Russell, the Original O’Rahilly Monument/Plaque, the Original Memorabilia of Michael Donovan and more. The highlight of the museum is certainly the Easter Rising/War of Independence display which features a treasure trove of historical documents, artefacts and memorabilia which bring to life the story of Ireland’s battle for independence.

Tipperary Tourism

Cashel Folk Village is at the forefront of the current push to promote Tipperary Tourism which is seeing thousands of people pass through Tipperary each year. Spearheaded by Tipperary Tourism Company and Failté Ireland, this initiative has been successful in promoting Ireland’s Ancient East as a must-do experience.
For those seeking to learn of Ireland’s rich and interesting history, a stop at Cashel Folk Village is a must.

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Address Dominic Street, Cashel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland
Telephone Numbers Phone: 062 63601
Mobile: 087 915 1316
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