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ATP Fitness LogoCross-fit gyms have an image problem. The casual observer looks at the superhuman commitment and monkish lifestyle of cross fit athletes with a mixture of bemusement and confusion.
The kinds of gyms these athletes frequent look like impenetrable temples of chalk-stained pull-up bars, climbing ropes and weight sledges.
Bodybuilding gyms seem even more foreign. These converted warehouses are littered with huge industrial weights and equipment that’s being pushed, pulled and grunted at by bodies swollen out of all proportion.
For the everyday person who just wants to lose some weight, tone up and get fit, these kinds of gyms are intimidating and off-putting.
If you feel like this, ATP Fitness might just be the place for you.

ATP Fitness

ATP Fitness was established for people who excel in a positive and encouraging environment. The state-of-the-art facility located in Cork City boasts modern equipment designed to improve overall fitness.
What makes ATP Fitness so unique is the inviting, ambient atmosphere. Clients are welcomed into the fold by a team of highly qualified trainers, that put just as much emphasis on creating a welcoming environment as they do in creating professional exercise regimes.
“There’s this ridiculous idea in the fitness industry that a gym should be a miserable, sweaty place where nobody smiles,” Says Ian Murphy, one of ATP Fitness’s owners and a 10-year fitness industry veteran.
“One of the most positive things you can do for your physical and mental health is to get in shape. So why shouldn’t you do it in a positive environment.”

Exercise Ethos

All this isn’t to say that a workout with ATP Fitness is easy. In fact, every class is designed to push clients beyond what they perceive to be their limits. Instead of intimidation tactics, ATP Fitness encourages clients with positive reinforcement, propelling clients towards their fitness goals.
This more carrot than stick approach makes clients feel great about their progress and helps even gym novices adopt a healthier lifestyle.
Do you want to lose weight without being screamed at by a meathead in a sweaty Beast Mode T-shirt? Then get involved with ATP Fitness’s unique encouragement based exercise ethos.

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Address Donnybrook Commercial Centre, Donnybrook, Cork City
Telephone Numbers 021 6019048
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