arrest a pest logoThese past few years, flooding has become a real problem in certain parts of the country. Heavy rainfalls, storms and rising river levels have put hundreds of homes and businesses at risk of flooding.
The pervasive nature of water and sludge damage means it can take months for a property to be habitable again, even after a relatively minor flood.
After draining the excess water and removing the mud. After disinfecting the walls, floors and ceilings, and replacing ruined electrical equipment and furniture, it may seem like there couldn’t possibly be anything else to worry about. However, at the risk of scaring you, there is one more factor that is often overlooked after a flood.
That factor is the presence of rats. This skin-crawling problem is an issue Arrest-A-Pest has years of experience in dealing with.


Based in County Tipperary, Arrest-A-Pest is a modern pest control company that uses the very latest pest eradication techniques to remove common pests from a home or business.
They deal extensively with rodents, insects and pest bird species.
Rats live in burrows. Burrows that can be up to 0.5 metres deep. When an area floods, so too does the rat’s burrow, forcing the rat to leave its nest. Due to this displacement, rats seek out shelter somewhere else. They often invade homes that have been temporally abandoned.
Home and business owners returning to their properties can often be in for a nasty surprise.

Dangers To Human Health

Rats, although very often unseen, carry with them bacteria and germs that can be passed to a human through contact with the rodent’s urine.
Serious, life-threatening medical complications can arise when a person gets infected by the germs carried by rats.
After a flood, it is just as important to eliminate the presence of rats and other vermin as it is to fix the obvious water damage.
Arrest-A-Pests’ modern eradication techniques ensure that all rats are removed from a building. What’s more, they carry out a full property inspection to ensure that all points of entry are sealed; minimising the possibility of re-infestation.
If you have been the victim of a flood, don’t take a chance with your family or employees’ health; make sure to have a professional extermination company like Arrest-A-Pest eliminate any rodents or pest species from your property.

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