Fire & Emergency Lighting

Fire detection and alarm systems are vital to the safety of any building, as they will provide the first warnings in the event of a fire and help towards ensuring the safety of those occupying the building. In addition, these systems work to reduce the loss of or damage to, property by alerting occupants early on to the presence of a fire. For these reasons, it is important that you invest in quality fire detection and emergency lighting systems. Fire & Emergency Lighting in Cork are a leading supplier of fire detection and alarm systems, as well as emergency lighting, and have helped numerous clients with improving the safety and security of their properties.

Emergency Lighting

When normal lighting systems fail, emergency lighting kicks in to provide the occupants of a building with a clear path to escape in case of an emergency. These systems are powered independently from the normal lighting in a building. Fire & Emergency Lighting in Cork can install emergency lighting systems which have been manufactured to EN60598-2-22 standards, delivering the utmost in performance and safety.

Fire Safety Equipment

Fire & Emergency Lighting also supply and install a wide range of fire suppressors, fire alarms (both conventional and analogue addressable), fire extinguishers and smoke ventilation systems, all of which are vital to the safety of any premises.
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