In recent years, sustainable shopping has emerged as a massive consumer trend. Charity and vintage shops, used electronic stores and buying and selling apps have increased hugely in popularity as a way for people to reduce the amount of waste produced by the retail industry.
The automotive industry produces a massive amount of waste of each year as used car parts get stripped from damaged cars and thrown away. At Dempsey’s Dismantlers we want to increase the number of car owners purchasing second hand car parts and help popularise sustainable shopping within the motor trade.

Dempsey’s Dismantlers

Located just outside Ballina in Co. Mayo, Dempsey’s Dismantlers stock quality new and used parts of all makes and models of cars, vans and jeeps. Their experts and knowledgeable staff have decades of experience and if they do not have the part you need in stock then they will try source one for you. Dempsey’s offer free delivery around Connacht and delivery by courier to the rest of the country. All cars, vans or jeeps dismantled by Dempsey’s are completely depolluted meaning zero harm is caused to the environment.

Second Hand Car Parts

Dempsey’s purchases cars in various states of damage from across the country and then dismantle and remove perfectly functioning parts. These parts are then cleaned up and made available for sale. They stock used car parts of all vehicle makes and models including body panels, wheels and tyres, engines and transmissions, electrical components, interior items and running gear.

The Benefits of Buying Used Parts

Buying used or second hand car parts is a viable alternative to purchasing new for a number of reasons.
1. Reduces the amount of waste produced by the automotive industry.
2. Used car parts are always cheaper than new parts.
3. There is usually a greater availability of parts especially for older models of vehicles.
4. Most dismantlers or breaker yards will already have the part in stock so you get a faster service.
5. If you are unsure what part you need a reliable car dismantler will be able to help and offer advice.

Address Whitestream, Bonniconlon, Ballina, Co.Mayo
Telephone Numbers 09645412