The Importance of Fire Proofing -- TIS Ltd

An essential part of any industrial building is the competency of its fireproofing. The elements of fireproofing include everything from the installation of fire doors to coating piping and exposed electrical components with fire resident materials.
More so than just being a method to protect industrial properties, fireproofing is regulated by stringent laws and regulations that demand all buildings meet specific fire safety standards.
Buildings being constructed need to incorporate fire safety standards into the build, while older buildings require retrofitting of fire safety features.
We’ve teamed up with TIS Ltd. to discuss their range of industrial fireproofing solutions.


Based in Cork, TIS Ltd. is an extremely experienced fireproofing company that has been operating for over 2 decades.
Their experience stretches from Ireland to the UK, where they designed and installed fireproofing solutions for industrial properties in a range of different sectors.
TIS Ltd.’s cost-effective pricing structure, experience and quality of their fireproofing has made them the natural choice for industries in Ireland and Great Britain.

Industrial Fire Proofing Procedures

TIS Ltd. offers its clients a comprehensive range of fireproofing services. Their fire proofing solutions include:

-Intumescent Coated Batts
-Fire stopping Compounds (Mortars)
-Pipe Collars
-GF Fire Stopping
-Mastic Seals
– Fire stop Cavity Barriers

Fire Doors

In the event of a fire breaking out within an industrial property, it’s imperative that the fire is isolated and isn’t allowed to spread.
Properly installed fire doors are an industrial property’s first line of defence against a fire spreading.
The robust build of fire doors – and fire-resistant glass – means they remain fire-resistant for a longer period. In effect, a fire door contains the flames in a single area.
This gives individuals inside the building more time to safely evacuate and possibly isolates the fire damage to a single area.

The above is a very general overview of the industrial fireproofing services TIS Ltd. offer. More information is available on their website and they encourage clients to get in contact with them directly.

Address Unit 2, Ashdale House
Blarney, Cork
T23 YC03
Telephone Numbers 085 288 3046