Malahide Coaches Ltd.

Everyone has got a few basic requirements before getting on public, private or shared transportation. Some type of baseline comfort is usually expected. A working air condition system always helps along with a working radio. As important as these criteria certainly are, they all – pun intended – take a back seat to the single criteria that we can never compromise on.
That criteria? Why safety of course.
We will put up with a sweaty bus, or the crushing boredom of total radio silence over a long drive if we have some kind of assurance that the vehicle we are in is safe.
One private transportation company that understands this insistence on total safety is Malahide Coaches.

Malahide Coaches Ltd.

Malahide Coaches Ltd. has been providing their local Dublin community with the very best in professional private bus hire for over 20 years. Their fleet consists of a full range of various sized, modern and comfortable buses that are frequently subjected to their stringent health and safety checks.
Their excellent safety record is a testament to their absolute commitment to regulatory compliance and to how highly trained their professional drivers are.

All in the Family

As a 100% Irish owned and family run company, Malahide Coaches Ltd. provides their clients with a comprehensive range of professional and affordable transportation services.
They own a range of modern minibuses and coaches, and as such can supply the appropriate type of bus for the specifics of the client’s trip.
Their spacious and comfortable buses come equipped with large luggage space, perfect for sports equipment. Malahide Coaches Ltd. has garnered a positive reputation for their extensive golf tours that travel to some of Ireland’s most prestigious golf courses.
So for your next event, trip or special occasion, make sure that your friends, family and sports equipment are transported in style, comfort and in absolute safety by hiring one of Malahide Coaches Ltd.’s modern coaches or minibuses today.

Address St. Josephs Coast Road, Malahide, Co. Dublin
Telephone Numbers 01 8453809

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