The Hidden Benefits of Cleaning – Crina’s Cleaning Team

Everyone works hard to keep their house clean and in tip top shape. We mop floors, dust shelves, wash delph and cutlery, vacuum carpets and lots more besides.
Lately, there has been a widespread rise in cleaning influencers, like Mrs Hinch and Marie Kondo who have shared their top tips for cleaning and organisation. And for whatever reason many now see cleaning as a hobby rather than household chore. As more and more people embrace this cleaning phenomenon they are discovering hidden benefits to cleaning their homes.

Crina’s Cleaning Team

Crina’s Cleaning Team offer domestic and commercial customers all over Co. Tipperary with expert and experienced cleaning services. Their team of highly experienced cleaners pride themselves on delivering an efficient and cost-effective service. Crina’s Cleaning Team use their own cleaning products both bio and chemical, to ensure they only use the best quality products when cleaning your property.

With a wealth of experience and knowledge in domestic cleaning Crina’s cleaning team know better than anyone the hidden benefits of cleaning.

Physical Health

Regularly cleaning your home can help improve your physical health and overall fitness levels. Cleaning your house requires a lot of energy and burn up quite a lot of calories. Whether it’s vacuuming, polishing or simply tidying up clutter, your whole body is involved and active. Additionally, cleaning your home reduces the amount of allergens like dust mites and pollens, improving your immune system.

Mental Health

We’ve all heard the phrase cluttered home, cluttered mind. And it turns that is more true than you would initially believe. Cleaning has been proven to help reduce anxiety, lower stress levels and improve moods. Cleaning can be an outlet for negative emotions and a great way to burn extra energy that ca cause you to overthink or stress out. It is also easier to unwind and relax at the end of the day in a clean home.

Save Money

If your house is messy it can be hard to find the things you need. We can spend hours upon hours rooting through wardrobes, boxes and cabinets looking for certain belongings we know we have somewhere. Oftentimes you just resort to buying another one. Knowing where everything is and being able to find an item when you need it will ultimately save you money in the long run as you won’t have to buy two, or sometimes three of everything.


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