Cork Drain and Septic Tank cleaning have been operating throughout Cork and Munster for over 30 years. Using the most modern and up to date equipment they provide a wide range of services including drain cleaning, hydrostatic detection, power washing treatment plant cleaning, CCTV surveys, and more. Their expert staff have extensive experience in the drainage industry and are highly trained and qualified professionals.
They offer a high quality, value for money service and are dedicated to achieving results and customer satisfaction. You can tryst Cork Drain and Septic Tank Cleaning for all of your drain cleaning and maintenance needs.

Septic Tank Cleaning

A septic tank is an effective way of treating wastewater from houses that are not connected to a mains drainage system. Waste materials settles in the tank and is digested by natural bacteria. Over time, partially decomposed solids build up in the tank. In order for the tank to work properly this sludge must be removes. That’s where Cork Drain and Septic Tank Cleaning comes in. Their experienced team are a powerhouse of knowledge and skill and no task is too big or small.

Hydrostatic Detection

Hydrostatic Testing is used to find leaks in pipework. Leaks can be massively destructive to houses, buildings, footpaths, driveways and chimneys. This process uses pressure testing by closing one end of the pipe and filling it with either water or air. By isolating each section, Cork Drain and Septic Tank Cleaning can quickly identify the problem and begin repairs.

Drain Tracing

Cork Drain and Septic Tank Cleaning use a sound/sonar tracer to locate buried pipes, manholes and covered tanks. They can then race the drains and mark the line of pipework from buildings to the mains on the street. This allows them to dig confidentially and without causing any damage to existing pipes. This system also measure the depths of the pipework.

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