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It is a sobering set of statistics but worth paying attention to none the less. According to the Central Statistics Office, crime rates in Ireland have risen significantly from the period of Match 2017 to Match 2018.
While we can certainly breathe a little easier knowing that homicide rates have fallen, it may seem like cold comfort when we realise that crime rates for other serious offences have surged.
Robbery, extortion and hijacking offences have risen by 4.5%. Thief and related offences have risen by a significant 7.7%. Damage to property has risen by 4.9%. And worst of all for homeowners, burglary and offences related to burglary have risen by 3.3%.
While certainly, these figures require immediate government action, the security conscious property owner also has a responsibility to tighten their home or business security systems.
The first step in increasing a property’s security systems is getting in contact with Aztec Security Systems.

Aztec Security Systems

Aztec Security Systems have been providing the Irish market with the very latest security systems and crime preventative measures since 1984.
The secret to their longevity has been their instance on staying at the very forefront of security system technology. Today they offer clients innovative, app-based home monitoring systems along with modern CCTV and remote monitoring security solutions.
While embracing modern security innovations, they also embrace customer service. They spend time with their clients recommending and developing the appropriate security system to protect their home or business premises.

Modern Security Solutions

As crime rates grow, so too does the need for better, more innovative security solutions.
Aztec Security Systems doesn’t just offer clients a single security system. Instead, they offer a mix of different solutions that are connected through modern networking technology.
Security lighting solutions are connected to burglar alarms and CCTV cameras are connected to remote monitoring locations. These monitoring stations can get in contact with the relevant authorities within seconds of spotting any unusual activity.

High Tech Security Solutions

While it is certainly concerning that we are living in an age where crime seems to be increasing, we should take some comfort in the fact that we live in an age where security systems are the best they have ever been. With Aztec Security Systems, clients don’t have to be another statistic, instead, they can take advantage of the very latest security innovations to protect what matters to them.

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