Valeo Vision

Valeo is an Automotive Supplier, partner to Global Automakers. As a technology business, Valeo advances ground-breaking products and systems which helps reduce a vehicle’s CO2 Emissions and also helps improve the intuitive driving performance of the vehicle. Valeo Group has 136 Production Sites, 16 Research Centres, 34 Development Centres, 15 Distribution Platforms, Employs 81,800 people across 29 Countries Globally.

Automated Parking Segment

The Automated Parking Research & Development Centre is vastly innovative, with expertise in the plan and progress of revolutionary Automated Parking Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) integrating viewing camera and including applications like Pedestrian Detection and Automated Parking. The AP Team are situated across numerous sites chiefly Tuam and Bietigheim and are accountable for research into core software & system technologies including Object Detection, Data Fusion/MAP and Vehicle Manoeuvring algorithms and full expansion of the life cycle to bring Automated Parking End User Functions to market

Detection Vision Systems

In numerous everyday situations, drivers are faced with a lack of visibility around the vehicle. Parking the vehicle in smaller parking spaces and manoeuvring the vehicle in a strange setting.
Valeo Visions product roadmap of rearview, surround view cameras increases driver’s visibility. Valeo vision provides some of the very best motor vehicle rearview cameras in Galway.  Some of their other state of the art products include the Valeo’s 360Vue™ 3D Surround View System offers the driver a 3D view around the vehicle. The system permits the driver to manoeuvre the car without the requirement to switch between forward-facing, side and rear facing views.; making it one of the very best camera monitoring systems available in Galway. This considerably increases safety, while adding driving luxury and accuracy. Every camera comprises a High-Dynamic-Range (HDR) imager with megapixel resolution, offering a high definition picture quality and low-light performance.
SightStream™ builds on Valeo’s existing products; it’s a new system to substitute internal and external mirrors with cameras. This system will provide the advantage of a decline in smooth drag and C02 releases while providing improved rear vision in problematic circumstances like limited light, harsh weather and/or at night-time.

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