boylans logoGlasses have gone through somewhat of a cultural revolution over the last 10 years. Where once glasses were synonymous with academics and grandfathers and grandmothers, now glasses are about as fashionable as beards. So much so that an entire subset of people are now walking around with frameless glasses.
As much as these 20/20 vision having hipsters have become a punchline, it is not difficult to see why everyone now wants to wear glasses.
Forget your huge coke bottle Deirdre Barlow glasses, and your nerdy circular Harry Potter specs, modern glasses look incredible.
The staggering array of glasses frames mean everyone can find beautiful glasses that compliment their face.
Boylan Opticians is front and centre of this cultural revolution. They offer clients the very best prescription glass frames.

Boylan Opticians

Boylan Opticians have been offering their local community eye examinations and a range of beautiful frames for close to a decade. Using state-of-the-art equipment they can conduct examinations including visual acuity, colour vision, cover tests and visual field screening.
Along with frames, Boylan Opticians also provides prescription contact lenses.

Designer Frames

Boylan Opticians provides their Dublin based clients, with a range of prescription lenses, designer prescription lenses, and prescription sunglasses.
Their team of professional opticians, ensure that clients receive the right lenses for their unique requirements.
Their huge selection of designer frames means they’ll have something for even the most discerning of tastes. More so than just catering to the hipsters of the world, their warm welcoming service welcomes children and the elderly.
They have a range of fun and funky frames for children along with some warm, understated frames suitable for older individuals.
Boylan Opticians’ team of expert and extremely experienced opticians can help clients find the appropriate style of glasses to complement their features.
With Boylan Opticians, you’ll be the envy of every hipster with the misfortune of having perfect 20/20 vision.

Address 335 Ballyfermot Road, Ballyfermot, Dublin 10, Ireland
Telephone Numbers 01 5134081
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