barrow maintenance solutions logoModern industrial plants are some of the safest places in the world. The safety standards of industrial plants represent the culmination of generations of labour strikes and stringent health and safety regulations and protocol.

In an environment with huge pneumatic equipment, moving machinery and oftentimes corrosive chemicals, accidents are thankfully at an all-time low.
While industrial plants may never be free of accidents due to human error and negligence, they can be fully customised to make it harder for these accidents to occur.
Barrow Maintenance Solutions are on hand to provide an industrial plant with a comprehensive range of quality safety equipment.

Barrow Maintenance Solutions

Barrow Maintenance Solutions provides industrial plants with quality engineering services. Their team specialise in industries that are concerned with storing, processing and transporting powders and bulk materials. They provide clients all over Ireland with quality products that are produced by some of the world’s most respected industrial product manufactures.
Along with offering their clients safety equipment, they also provide professional handling accessories, that are designed to minimise downtime.
With a commitment to quality products, they can help an industrial plant reduce any costly, unscheduled downtime.

Minimising Spillage

Along with unscheduled downtime, another major factor in an industrial plant losing money is spillage. Spillage is when a product is either lost or damaged. Oftentimes spillage occurs due to damaged or worn machinery parts.
Barrow Maintenance Solutions provides a range of conveyor belt replacement parts that are designed to stop undue spillage. Barrow Maintenance Solutions conveyor belt products are designed to protect the integrity of the product as it moves through the production process.

A Comprehensive Range of Products

All Barrow Maintenance Solutions products are designed to comply with all Irish and European health and safety regulations. They’re also providing parts designed to minimise spillage and thus save an industrial plant money.

For the best in replacement industrial plant parts, get in contact with Barrow Maintenance Solutions today.

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