Is the landline telephone dead? – AG Communications

In Lower East Manhattan, inside an innocuous fast food restaurant, there’s a piece of technology that’s quickly becoming as archaic as a sundial.
A phone booth sites inside this hot dog restaurant.
Adventurous patrons, mesmerised by the old-fashioned technology, sometimes twist the old phone’s rotary dial. Those patrons that dial the number three are often shocked to hear a voice on the other end of the phone; a voice that welcomes them with the near bone-chilling sentence “Welcome to Please Don’t Tell.”
With that mysterious welcome, the back of the phone booth opens to reveal one of New York’s most popular cocktail bars.
What’s interesting about Please Don’t Tell’s clever marketing strategy is that they use a landline phone as a curiosity; as bait, to draw in potential clients.
Perhaps landlines are little more than a relic in the modern world. Think about it, when was the last time you used a landline?
With mobile technology’s absolute dominance it would seem that the humble landline has been resigned to the dusty vault of history…except of course, that it hasn’t.

AG Communications

AG Communications has been providing integrated telecommunications systems to medium to large scale businesses for over a decade.
Although the humble home phone has gone the way of the VHS Recorder, the office desk phone isn’t going anywhere.
Even today, fixed phone lines offer superior sound quality, and their innovative design and sharper signal make them the natural choice when conducting important conference calls.

Telecommunications and Integrated Software

AG Communications provides integrated telecommunications solutions that combine desk phones with the very latest software.
These software solutions allow increased flexibility with a range of communications options available to facilitate consistent and high-quality in and out-of-the-office communication.

Although the phone booth may be a relic of the 20th century, modern integrated telecommunications systems – like those supplied by AG Communications – allow medium and large businesses to streamline their internal and external communications.
For legacy telecommunication system maintenance or complete telecommunication upgrades, get in touch with AG Communications today.

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