Tam Painting

French culture has always held an enviable position in the eyes of the world. From it’s cuisine to its ever vibrant art and literature movements, France and especially Paris is the bubbling cultural hub of the world.
Anyone who has sauntered down the tree-lined pavements of the Champs-Élysées or peeked inside the many jazz clubs that have made La Huchette famous can attest to the near majesty of Paris as a city. It’s more than the opulent architecture and the sheer amount of instantly recognisable monuments, Paris has a certain artistic energy that even the most staunch philistine can’t help but feel.
Of course, you don’t have to commission stone sculptures or install a marble fountain in your garden to bring a little French flair to your property. Instead, you can hire Tam Painting.

Tam Painting

Tam painting is a professional painting and decorating service, that operates all over Dublin. Tam Painters founder was trained in France and spent nearly a decade decorating Parisian businesses and domestic properties. Since relocating to the ever so slightly less glamorous city of Dublin, Tam Painting has continued to add a little bit of Parisian style to their painting and decorating services.
With their flexible and affordable payment plans, Tam Painting clients won’t be expected to spend Avenue Montaigne prices to get a little bit of French elegance into the interior and exterior of their properties.

Professional and Affordable Painting and Decorating

With a total of 20 years experience, split between Dublin and Paris, Tam painting offers a professional, efficient and time managed painting and decorating service.
Their painting and decorating expert carries out an individual assessment of each project and assigns the appropriate manpower and resources where necessary.
Tam Paintings commitment to quality, coupled with expert project management, ensures clients a cost-effective service that completely transforms a property’s interior or exterior.
So bring a little bit of continental elegance to your home or business by getting in contact with Tam painting today.

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