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Most people feel at least some degree of trepidation before going into a driving exam, as in order to pass you need to be truly prepared. Legally, you are required to have 12 lessons given by an approved driving instructor before you can take your driving exam and for the best results, you should seek an instructor with a lot of experience. Next Gear Driving Lessons in Co. Cork have a team of driving instructors with decades of experience between them, backed up by an impressive pass rate, making them an ideal choice for anyone looking to pass their exam.

Manual or Automatic Lessons

Next Gear Driving Lessons provide lessons in either manual or automatic cars, strictly following the Essential Driving Training curriculum to ensure students are fully prepared for their exam. Through structured lessons and fundamental skill training, Next Gear Driving Lessons give students all the skills they need to feel comfortable behind the wheel and to drive safely when out on the road.

Skilled, Experienced Tutors

Next Gear Driving Lessons would not have such a successful pass rate without the skill and experience of their tutors, all of which have been providing driving lessons for many years. This experience is invaluable when teaching new drivers who are often nervous about being on the road and who benefit from having someone with extensive driving knowledge in the car with them.
Driving lessons can be booked by contacting Next Gear Driving Lessons directly. Visit their website for more information.

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