Metropolitan College of Music

Mastering at least one musical instrument is a common goal and is one that requires a lot of practice and dedication. Though many people learn through self-teaching, often people find they get better results from structured tuition. Metropolitan College of Music on Lower Baggot Street provides music tuition to people of all ages and competencies, working with a variety of instruments and helping to prepare students for examinations and other assessments.

Multi-Disciplinary College

Metropolitan College of Music is a multi-disciplinary music college meaning they provide tuition for a variety of instruments, including wood and brass instruments (flute, saxophone, etc.), piano and guitar. Students are encouraged to use their intuition in order to develop a playing style that suits them and often lessons are structured to meet certain goals. Tuition is delivered by fully qualified and experienced music teachers who are masters in their chosen instrument.

Private or Group Lessons

Metropolitan College of Music have group lessons available or, for those seeking a bit more focus, private tuition can be provided. Group lessons are great ways to network and share ideas with fellow peers, though with private lessons you will benefit from greater focuse and attention, lessons also become more flexible as they can be structured around your specific goals.
Spaces fill up fast, so contact Metropolitan College of Music now to discuss booking in lessons.

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Address Metropolitan College of Music
59 Baggot Street Lower
Dublin 2
Telephone Numbers 01 9038234