Have you ever wondered how long human beings have been wearing dentures? When we look at the intricate design and comfortable fitting of contemporary dentures, it seems realisable to assume that dentures are a modern innovation.
Maybe they first appeared during the 19th century; being ushered in along with so many other medical innovations of the time. It’s a reasonable assumption just not an accurate one.
To find the first dentures you need to travel further back in history.
George Washington is probably history’s most famous denture wearer. The persistent myth of Washington’s wooden teeth is a well-known piece of historical misinformation. Washington didn’t wear wooden teeth but he did wear a multitude of different dentures throughout his lifetime; mostly manufactured from animal and human teeth.
So is it the 17th century where dentures begin to develop? Perhaps spurred on by George Washington’s considerable wealth and influence?
Afraid not, the first recorded instances of dentures being worn is from the 7th Century BC, in northern Italy. These dentures were made from human teeth and animal bone and were held together with coarse gold bands.
It’s likely your gums are getting sympathy pains for the poor souls who had to shove those dentures into their mouths.
The weird and wonderful history of dentures hopefully makes the denture wearer that little bit more appreciative of the modern advancements in the manufacturing process. These modern advancements are exemplified by Care Dent Denture Clinic.

Care Dent Denture Clinic

Care Dent Denture clinic, provides an in-house denture manufacturing laboratory. Marrying the very latest technology with manufacturing expertise, Care Dent Denture Clinic creates customise fitted dentures within 4-5 working days. The flexibility of their manufacturing processes means they can build: chrome dentures, partial dentures, single tooth dentures and even flexible dentures.

Comfortable Fitted Dentures

Care Dent Denture Laboratory is unique because all its manufacturing is completed in their own state-of-the-art laboratory. This model, which eschews sending moulds to large, impersonal denture manufacturers aboard, means they can deliver professional dentures quickly. In cases where a patient’s dentures have been damaged, Care Dent Denture Client can provide emergency replacement dentures while a more permanent set is being manufactured.
Take advantage of the all the perks of modern dental manufacturing by having your dentures created by the experts at Care Dent Denture Clinic.

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