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French doors are common in homes throughout the world thanks to their attractive yet practical design, however, they are not without their drawbacks as many people suffer home invasions that occur as a result of forced entry through French Doors. Thankfully, Zentry Forced-Entry Security Solutions have come up with their innovative Burglarybuster range which effectively secure every type of French door and protect your home from any would-be burglars.

How Does It Work?

The burglarybusters are unique in their simplicity; they work using a simple double bolt through the door fixing method with solutions available for outward opening and inward opening doors with single or double handles. Entry through French doors usually occurs from them being prised open or kicked through – the Burglarybuster system effectively prevents both of these instances from occuring, as demonstrated here [link:] and here [link:]

Order Online

French doors are popular worldwide and, fortunately, Zentry Forced-Entry Security Solutions are able to deliver to customers worldwide. Orders can be made by contacting them or through the convenient online ordering system found on their website.
Don’t gamble with the security of your home, make a small investment in a Burglarbuster system and have complete paece of mind.

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