Two Dogs On a Lead

Alfie Pooch Parlour logoAt the risk of typing the least insightful sentence in blog history – we love our pets – yeah, not exactly shocking but it’s true.
And easily the pet we love the most are our dogs; sorry cats.
Yep, our fluffy friends’ natural loyalty, affectionate personalities and playfulness, makes a dog a cherished member of the family.
Honestly, take a couple of seconds to think about your dog. Be honest with yourself, you’d probably prefer to spend time with your drooling, hairy pooch than spend time with most people.
However, as much as we love our dogs, there is one part of them that we would all like to change.
Yep, it’s that dog fur smell. Even the most affectionate pet owner will recoil in horror at the particularly ripe whiff of a dog in desperate need of a bath.
Of course in a dog’s mind, bath time is often misunderstood as play time and a bathroom can become as filthy as the dog before you even manage to turn on the water.
Why not save yourself the bother and take your dog to the experts at Alfie’s Pooch Parlour.

Alfie’s Pooch Parlour

Alfie’s Pooch Parlour is a professional dog grooming service, located in the charming town of Portlaoise. Boasting a highly trained staff of genuine dog lovers, Alfie’s Pooch Parlour pampers your favourite pooch.
Alfie’s Pooch Parlour has an animal first ethos that priorities respect for the animal, gentleness and a commitment to treating each dog like an individual.
According to Clare McCann “Dogs are like people. They each have their own unique personalities and you have to respect that.”
Clare is the owner and operator of Alfie’s Pooch Parlour. Her love and passion for dogs permeates through every inch of the business. The parlour has a welcoming ambience that – as if by magic – puts even the most nervous dog at ease.

Good Dog Health

More than just a dog grooming service, the grooming procedure doubles as a health inspection. Clare and her staff cast an expert eye over a dog, checking for anything out of the ordinary. They can identify lesions, growths or skin irritations that may require the attention of a qualified vet.
We love our dogs but we don’t have to love how they smell. When your pooch needs a clean or just a little TLC; book an appointment with Alfie’s Pooch Parlour today.

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Address UNIT 6 Peppers Lane, Portlaoise, Laois, Ireland
Telephone Numbers 057 8638097
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