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Some surfaces are difficult to clean and often can’t be restored to their original condition without the use of some heavy duty machinery. Luckily for those in the Westmeath area, A1 Blasting Specialists are able to bring their mobile sand blasting & power washing service to almost any location and can treat a number of difficult to clean surfaces. With over two decades of experience, A1 Blasting Specialists have a wealth of knowledge and are able to deliver an effective clean without damaging the underlying finish of any surface.

Cleaning A Variety Of Surfaces

Using their innovative sand blasting and power washing equipment, A1 Blasting Specialists are able to effectively treat a huge range of surfaces, including tone, brick, concrete, cast/wrought iron, steel and more. Sand blasting can be used to remove rust and is particularly useful for those with a lot of machinery, e.g. farmers. Using their power washer, A1 Blasting Specialists can restore surfaces to their optimum condition, removing grafitti, fungus, algae, etc.

Fast & Efficient Service

As a mobile service, A1 Blasting Specialists are able to bring their cleaning services to customers in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Thanks to their investment in the latest cleaning technologies, they are able to efficiently clean and number of surfaces in a timely manner.
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