Security That Doesn’t Compromise on Style – O’Reilly Glass

The aesthetic of a property is judged by its use of glass. Windows, doorways and porches, tend to draw the eye and really give a property it’s own unique sense of style.
Interior design trends come and go but glass features remain steadfast as a consistent, must-have on all types of properties.
Unfortunately, ornate glass features also draw the eyes of the unwanted. Windows and doors are always a target for burglars. Safety features like bars and shutters can have a detrimental effect on the exterior aesthetic of a property so what can a homeowner do?
They can get in contact with O’Reilly Glass. Which offers clients the best of both worlds.
They can turn ordinary glass, with all its flexibility into toughened security glass which offers client’s increased protection that doesn’t compromise on style.

O’Reilly Glass

O’Reilly Glass is one of Drogheda’s premier provides of quality glass products for households. Their comprehensive selection of traditional and contemporary glass includes glass for external and internal doors. Ornate stained glass and fused glass tiles.

For the security conscious homeowner, they also offer a range of security glass, which has been engineered to be up 5 times stronger than ordinary glass.

Toughened Glass

For those who what the peace of mind of added security, O’Reilly Glass’ toughened glass service can make ordinary glass up to 5 times stronger; reinforcing the glass against attempted break-ins. Toughened glass retains a level of flexibility making it a great option for domestic properties.

Security Glass

Commercial properties, however, may need an extra layer of security. O’Reilly Glass supplies toughened security glass, which is often utilised in shop fronts.
This security glass is laminated to be completely bulletproof and fireproof. For shop fronts in highly populated areas like city centres, security glass is an essential component in a commercial property’s overall security strategy
If you want beautiful glass features but don’t want to compromise on style, get in contact with O’Reilly Glass today.

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