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Cervical Cancer Causes & Prevention Tips from Haven Pharmacy

The majority of cervical cancers are triggered by the HPV virus, a common virus that is passed on during sex. Most women will get this infection in their life at some stage and it typically clears up on its own. Smoking can prevent the infection from healing.
Continuing HPV infections can cause irregular alterations in the lining of your cervix. These changes, if left untreated, can result in Cervical Cancer. Not having regular smear tests can raise the possibility of getting cervical cancer too. Cervical cancer is now mainly avoidable because there is a vaccine that protects against HPV (human papillomavirus). The HPV vaccine will make antibodies that will guard you against many HPV forms.


Asthma typically begins at childhood. Children of mothers who smoke during pregnancy are more probable to develop asthma. The precise source of asthma is not identified although there is a strong genetic link. If your parents have asthma then you may be more likely to suffer. A lot of people who suffer from asthma also suffer from hay fever and asthma symptoms can exacerbate during the hay fever time of year.
Ireland has the 4th highest occurrence of asthma worldwide. There are approximately 470,000 people who suffer from asthma in Ireland and there are 2 asthma connected bereavements Nationwide each week.
Over 90% of asthma bereavements are avoidable.

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