How often do you think about feet? Unless you are Quentin Tarantino – look it up – it’s probably safe to assume that your day isn’t consumed by thoughts of your toes, and that’s perfectly normal, preferable even.
However, you should take some time to think about your tired trotters. After all, your feet are one of the hardest working parts of your body.
The old maxim, never cheap-out on your bed or your shoes — because if you are not in one you are in another — certainly has some merit, but it doesn’t go far enough. Many underlying, chronic conditions can be detected in the feet before symptoms manifest themselves elsewhere.
So book yourself a foot NCT at O’Driscoll’s Podiatry.

O’Driscoll’s Podiatry

O’Driscoll’s Podiatry is one of County Cork’s most experienced Podiatry clinics. Their treatment ethos states that a healthy lifestyle needs to include proper foot care and foot maintenance.
Shunning a one size fits all approach to treatment, O’Driscoll’s Podiatry takes into account the lifestyle of the client before customising a suitable treatment plan.
Their treatments encompass the management and reliving of foot pain, the treatment and removal of corns, calluses and verrucas. And the on-going management and treatment of chronic conditions that affect the feet, such as diabetes.
Changing weather conditions, uncomfortable or ill-fitting footwear and an active lifestyle can put serious stress on feet but with regular visits to a podiatrist, any issues can be identified and resolved before they become serious problems.

Be mindful of your feet

According to O’Driscoll’s Podiatry, pain in the feet can be an early indicator of a more serious issue in the knees or in the hips. If caught early, these problems can usually be corrected before they begin to have a detrimental effect on a person’s mobility.
To make sure your body stays in tip-top shape, always take a little bit of time to think about your feet.

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