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Traditionally, carpet cleaning could carry certain risks as the process involved the use of chemicals which could damage the fabric and which were harmful to the environment. Dry Right Carpet Cleaning have found the solution to these problems, utilising pioneering cleaning methods as well as organic, non-chemical products which produce a thorough clean without causing any damage to the material.
Working throughout Co. Dublin, Dry Right Carpet Cleaning offers a professional, reliable carpet and upholstery cleaning service to domestic and commercial customers.

VLM (Very Low Moisture) Cleaning

The method of choice for Dry Right Carpet Cleaning is the VLM (Very Low Moisture) cleaning solution which is an efficient and cost effective way of removing all stains, dirt, grit, sand, and allergens whilst also improving the aesthetic appearance of the carpet. As a result of the low moisture, drying times are dramatically reduced and the wastewater produced is kept to a minimum. This innovative cleaning solution has many benefits and virtually no drawbacks, making it an ideal cleaning option for all types of carpets.

Envrionmentally Friendly Solutions

Dry Right Carpet Cleaning is an environmentally conscious company, utilising cleaning solutions that minimise the impact of the cleaning process whilst also promoting healthy indoor air quality. In addition to the VLM cleaning system, Dry Right Carpet Cleaning also use Host Carpet Cleaner which has been made using 100% plant-based resources. This has allowed Dry Right Carpet Cleaning to eliminate the use of harsh chemicals whilst still producing a deep clean.
Thanks to their forward thinking and use of innovative products, Dry Right Carpet Cleaning has been able to deliver a service that is efficient, environmentally friendly and cost effective.

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