All factories, no matter if they are dealing with heavy or light goods, all share a common requirement. Factories need an effective packaging system. Effective packaging ensures that everything from produced goods, to essential factory materials, can be stored and transported safely.
As packaging is such an essential part of the day-to-day running of a factory, it is imperative that the right kind of packaging machinery is installed in your factory or warehouse.
The packaging experts at DL Packaging, sell a range of state-of-the-art automatic and semi-automatic packaging machinery. The packaging machinery they supply has been carefully chosen by their team of experts, and they can recommend the appropriate machinery for the packaging needs of your factory.

DL Packaging

Founded in 2012, DL Packaging is a family-run business that is committed to offering the Irish manufacturing sector the best in professional packaging materials and packaging machinery.
As an Irish run and Dublin based packaging business, they are able to offer clients nationwide next-day delivery.

Automatic Machinery

DL Packaging‘s range of automatic machinery has been designed to streamline the packaging requirements of large and small factories, warehouses and production plants.
They specialise in supplying the Rotoplat range of pallet wrappers. These machines provide fully automated pallet load wrapping.
For larger industrial units, DL Packaging also provides the Helix range of rotating arm pallet wrappers.
DL Packages full range of automatic machinery includes:
– Rotoplat range
– Helix Range
– Genesis Range

Semi-Automatic Machinery

For factories where space is at a premium, DL Packaging also provides a range of semi-automatic packaging machinery. These pieces of machinery are designed to assist individuals in the wrapping and packing of raw materials, vital machinery and products.
DL Packaging’s essential range of semi-automatic machinery includes:
– The Robot Range of semi-automatic Packaging Machinery
– Ecowrap Range
– Rotowrap Range
– Technoplat
The above is only a small portion of the machinery available from DL Packaging. To discuss your factory’s packaging machinery needs, get in contact with their customer service team today.

Address Hickeys Yard
The Ward
Co. Dublin D11 N720
Telephone Numbers (01) 842 0426